Arthur C. Clarke - Earthlight [Audiobook]

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Arthur C. Clarke - Earthlight [Audiobook]

Arthur C. Clarke - Earthlight (1955)
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Earthlight is one of Arthur C. Clarke's earlier works, dating back to 1955. It is an expansion to novel length of a short story that he had published four years earlier. It is a science fiction adventure story set on the moon, where a government agent is looking for a suspected spy at a major observatory on the moon. The context is strong tension between Earth (which controls the moon) and independent settlers elsewhere in the solar system.

Events are low-key: the government agent is a mild-mannered accountant who does not like the task. He notices the beauty of the moon under 'Earthlight', the Earth in the sky far bigger than the moon in the skies of Earth.

The story proceeds with very few violent incidents, though it does climax in space battle. There is also an enigma - the apparent sighting of a 'beam of light', that should not be possible on the airless world.

At the time of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, one reviewer expressed regret that ‘Earthlight’ had not been filmed instead.