CSharp Class Design Handbook Coding Effective Classes

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CSharp Class Design Handbook Coding Effective Classes

Text shows how to create robust, flexible, reusable classes with C#. Learn how to understand different types you can create in C# and how classes relate to the .NET type framework. See how .NET's delegate-based event system works, and how to control and exploit inheritance in types. For intermediate to advanced users. Softcover.

C# is Microsoft's new object-oriented language, specifically designed to take full advantage of the .NET type system. At the heart of .NET programming in C# is the task of building classes. All C# code participates in the .NET type system, because all code is contained in classes and other types that participate in the class hierarchy of the .NET Framework. This book is a guide to help you design these classes effectively, by looking at what control we have over our classes, and how C# turns our class definitions into executable code.

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