Unix For Dummies

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Unix For Dummies

Administer UNIX on a LAN and use the newest utilities Understand the UNIX shell, go online with new browser options, and get things doneSo you're using UNIX these days? Sure, it can be a little tricky, but this friendly guide will lead you through all its peculiarities. Soon you'll understand the GNOME and KDE desktops, know the secret names of your Web files, Samba with the file server, and most importantly, know how to sidestep common problems. The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English "Get in, get out" information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun Discover how to: Find out which flavor of UNIX you have Manage UNIX on a LAN Handle files and directories for Web sites Build good directory structures Recover missing or damaged files.

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