Evidence Based Practice in Primary Care (Illustrated)

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Evidence Based Practice in Primary Care (Illustrated)

Evidence Based Practice in Primary Care [ILLUSTRATED]
Author: Christopher Silagy, Andrew Haines, et more.
ISBN: 0727915681
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group; 2e
Format: PDF - 216 pages
Price: $47.95
Size: 2.56 MB
Book Description
Evidence Based Practice in Primary Health Care is split into two sections. The frist discusses how the individual can apply evidence based medicine in the clinical setting, and the second covers the wider issue of changes in organisation and strategy to promote better and more effective delivery of care within a practice or primary care group. Chapters are writtten by leading specialists in evidence based primary care from Australlia, the UK,and mainland Europe.
(BMJ Books) Monash Univ., Australia. Explains why evidence-based medicine is relevant to daily practice in primary care. The first section deals with the way primary care workers can begin to understand and practice in an evidence-based way, and the second addresses engendering a more evidence-based culture in practice. Previous edition: c1998.

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