ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook (Illudstrated)

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Table of Contents

ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook [ILLUSTRATED]
Author: by Edward K. Chung, Brad Spellberg
ISBN: 0865425876
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated; 1st edition (March 15, 2000)
Format: PDF - 331 pages
List Price: $41.95
Dimensions: 11.0 x 8.6 x 0.7 inches
Book Description
This book contains the full text of the Pocket Guide to ECG Diagnosis and contains 1,000 test ECGs. Designed as a self-assessment, users test themselves while the program records a cumulative score. Thomas Jefferson Univ. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. Programmed workbook on the basics of reading electrocardiologic tracings. Presents 250 common ECG abnormalities. Each page presents a 12-lead ECG and/or ECG rhythm strip and an area for notes and suggested diagnosis. For practitioners and students. Softcover. DNLM: Electrocardiography–Examination Questions.

Table of Contents
ECG Diagnosis: A Self-Assessment Workbook
Table of Contents
Abbreviations Key
Key to the Diagnostic Criteria
Section 1—Normal Electrocardiogram and Normal Variants
Section 2—Chamber Enlargement
Section 3—Intraventricular Block
Section 4—Myocardial Ischemia, Injury, and Infarction
Section 5—Sinus Arrhythmias
Section 6—Atrial Arrhythmias
Section 7—Atrioventricular Junctional Arrhythmias
Section 8—Ventricular Arrhythmias
Section 9—Atrioventricular Block
Section 10—Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (Ventricular Preexcitation Syndrome)
Section 11—Uncommon Arrhythmias
Section 12—Miscellaneous ECG Abnormalities
Case Descriptions
Suggested Readings

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