Economics With Calculus

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Michael C. Lovell, «Economics With Calculus»
World Scientific Publishing Company | ISBN 9812388257 | September 2004 | PDF | 4,5 Mb | 613 pages

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Lawrence Klein, Nobel Laureate in Economics 1980, University of Pennsylvania
…a very clever pedagogical treatment of economics, particularly at the university undergraduate level…

Book Description
This textbook provides a calculus-based introduction to economics. Students blessed with a working knowledge of the calculus will find that this text facilitates their study of the basic analytical framework of economics. The textbook examines a wide range of micro and macro topics, including prices and markets, equity versus efficiency, Rawls versus Bentham, accounting and the theory of the firm, optimal lot size and just in time, monopoly and competition, exchange rates and the balance of payments, inflation and unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy, IS-LM analysis, aggregate demand and supply, speculation and rational expectations, growth and development, exhaustible resources and over-fishing. While the content is similar to that of conventional introductory economics textbook, the assumption that the reader knows and enjoys the calculus distinguishes this book from the traditional text.

About the Author
Michael Lovell has taught micro economics, macro economics, public finance and econometrics at Yale, Carnegie-Mellon University and Wesleyan University. He has most enjoyed teaching his one semester calculus-based introductory economics course at Wesleyan. He has pursued a wide range of research interests and served on the editorial boards of Econometrica, The Review of Economics and Statistics, The Review of Economic Studies, The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, The Journal of the American Statistical Association and The Social Science Computer Review. He is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and a former president of the International Society for Inventory Research.