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Posted By: Alexpal

Как известно, книга - лучший подарок! А что может быть лучше новой, еще пахнущей типографской краской умной книжки? Да ничего! Поэтому заглянул я тут к нашим братьям-китайцам и утянул для вас несколько свеженьких книжек (сам еще не прочел :)). Поскольку выбирал исключительно по дате выхода (ну, и не ерунду, конечно), то получился небольшой разнобой по тематике. :)
Посему назовем пост "Новые книжки". :)

Scott Meyers, "Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition)"
Greg Abelar, "Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls"
James Avery, "Visual Studio Hacks"

Scott Meyers, "Effective C++: 55 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs (3rd Edition)"
Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN 0321334876 | May 12, 2005 Year | CHM | 0,6 Mb | 320 Pages

This exceptionally useful text offers Scott Myers's expertise in C++ class design and programming tips. The second edition incorporates recent advances to C++ included in the ISO standard, including namespaces and built-in template classes, and is required reading for any working C++ developer.
The book opens with some hints for porting code from C to C++ and then moves on to the proper use of the new and delete operators in C++ for more robust memory management. The text then proceeds to class design, including the proper use of constructors, destructors, and overloaded operator functions for assignment within classes. (These guidelines ensure that you will create custom C++ classes that are fully functional data types, which can be copied and assigned just like built-in C++ classes.)
The author also provides a handful of suggestions for general class design, including strategies for using different types of inheritance and encapsulation. Never doctrinaire and always intelligent, these guidelines can make your C++ classes more robust and easier to maintain.

Greg Abelar, "Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls"
Cisco Press | ISBN 1587052148 | May 27, 2005 Year | CHM | 5 Mb | 288 Pages

Protect critical data and maintain uptime with Cisco ASDM and Cisco Security Agent
Understand how attacks can impact your business and the different ways attacks can occur
Learn about the defense-in-depth model for deploying firewall and host protection
Examine navigation methods and features of Cisco ASDM
Set up Cisco ASA, PIX Firewall, and ASDM hardware and software
Use the Cisco ASDM startup wizard to safely connect your network to the Internet and securely add public devices such as mail and web servers to your network
Authenticate firewall users and users of public web servers
Filter traffic and protect your network from perimeter attacks
Deploy Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to provide more granular traffic inspection and proactive threat response
Stop attacks launched at the desktop by deploying Cisco Security Agent
Extend the defense-in-depth model to remote users through IPSec virtual private networks (VPN)
Enhance your security posture through proper security management
Understand the advanced features available in the Cisco PIX version 7 operating system
Recover from software failure with Cisco PIX version 7
Many people view security as a “black-box-voodoo” technology that is very sophisticated and intimidating. While that might have been true a few years ago, vendors have been successful in reducing the complexity and bringing security to a point where almost anyone with a good understanding of technology can deploy network security.
Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls is an extension of the work to simplify security deployment. This easy-to-use guide helps you craft and deploy a defense-in-depth solution featuring the newly released Cisco® ASA and PIX® version 7 as well as Cisco Security Agent host intrusion prevention software. The book simplifies configuration and management of these powerful security devices by discussing how to use Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), which provides security management and monitoring services through an intuitive GUI with integrated online help and intelligent wizards to simplify setup and ongoing management. In addition, informative, real-time, and historical reports provide critical insight into usage trends, performance baselines, and security events. Complete with real-world security design and implementation advice, this book contains everything you need to know to deploy the latest security technology in your network.
Securing Your Business with Cisco ASA and PIX Firewalls provides you with complete step-by-step processes for using Cisco ASDM in conjunction with Cisco Security Agent to ensure that your security posture is strong enough to stand up against any network or host attack whether sourced from the Internet or from inside your own network.

James Avery, "Visual Studio Hacks"
O'Reilly| ISBN 0596008473 | March 24, 2005 Year | CHM | 6,7 Mb | 512 Pages

With start-up templates for projects ranging from Windows applications to web services, and extensive help and on-line documentation, Visual Studio .NET might be mistaken for a tool for unsophisticated users. It's true that most developers soon discover that the basic operation of Visual Studio is fairly self-explanatory; less obvious are some of the suite's more advanced built-in features.
Visual Studio .Net includes a wealth of little-used capabilities, is very customizable, has a complete automation model, and much more. On top of its regular feature set, there are hosts of free add-ins, macros, and power toys that can further enhance the functionality of Visual Studio. This book is all about exploring these things, and in doing so, becoming a better and more efficient developer. Developers will learn how to:
Get the most out of projects and solutions, including getting down and dirty with the undocumented format of project and solution files
Use these editor features to the fullest, and add additional functionality to the editor through the use of third-party add-ins
Learn smarter ways to navigate the application and your own source code
Customize shortcut keys, toolbars, menus, the toolbox, and much more
Use the debugger successfully not only on your source code, but with T-SQL and scripting languages as well
Automatically generate code
Learn how the server can be used to interface with databases, services, and performance counters, as well as WMI
Use and create Visual Studio add-ins to extend its functionality
Offering valuable tips, tools, and tricks, Visual Studio Hacks takes you far beyond the suite's usual capabilities. You can read this book from cover to cover or, because each hack stands its own, you can feel free to browse and jump to the different sections that interest you most. If there's a prerequisite you need to know about, a cross-reference will guide you to the right hack.
If you want to experience the full spectrum of Visual Studio's functionality and flexibility, you'll find the perfect guide for exploration in Visual Studio Hacks. Once the final page is turned, you can confidently say that you've been exposed to everything that Visual Studio .NET is capable of doing.