Electro-Optics Handbook

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Ronald Waynant and Marwood Ediger, "Electro-Optics Handbook" 2nd Edition

McGraw-Hill Professional | 2000 | PDF| 7,5 Mb | ISBN 0070687161 | 992 Pages

Book Description
All-inclusive opto electronics guide. A valuable "must-have" tool for electronic and optical engineers, this Handbook is the only single-volume, tell-it-all guide to the use of optical devices and light in electronics systems. Developed by a towering figure in the field, this manual familiarizes you with UV, VUV and X-Ray lasers; visible, solid-state, semiconductor and infrared gas lasers; FEL and ultrashort laser pulses; visible and infrared optical materials; infrared and imaging detectors; optical fibers and fiber optic sensors; holography; laser spectroscopy and photochemistry; high resolution lithography for optoelectronics; and much more.

In this up-to-the-minute edition you'll find new chapters on optical communications, electro-optic devices, and high intensity optical fields, in addition to extensively updated material throughout, and abundant charts, diagrams and data tables.

Book Info
Presents the latest advances in ever-shrinking electro-optical circuitry, the entire range of lasers, and all types of x-ray UV, and other electro-optical equipment. DLC: Electrooptical devices--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

From the Back Cover
Work at the razor’s-edge of electronics with this far-reaching reference that covers not just lasers, but all the exciting developments in electro-optics--the use of heat-reducing optical devices and light in electronics systems. The one--and only--single-source guide to this fast-rising technology, the Electro-Optics Handbook brings you the latest advances in ever-shrinking electro-optical circuitry, the entire range of lasers, and all types of x-ray, UV, and other electro-optical equipment. Culling the insights of both designers and the field’s A-list experts, the Handbook overflows with 1,000 pages of hands-on technical assistance, accompanied by more than 500 helpful illustrations, detailed charts, diagrams, and data tables. And now, the Second Edition contains nearly 300 pages of new material, covering: Optical communications. Electro-optic devices--visible detectors, infrared detectors, acousto-optic devices. High-intensity optical fields. And more Whether you’re an electronic engineer, optical engineer, or designer, no more comprehensive--or economical--sourcebook exists to help you work at the vanguard of this challenging frontier. Find details on UV, VUV, and x-ray lasers. Compare solid state, semiconductor, and infrared gas lasers. Look up data on ultrashort laser pulses. Explore visible and infrared optical materials. Find full data on optical fibers. Learn about laser spectroscopy and photochemistry. Discover high-resolution lithography for optoelectronics. Get details on optical and optoelectrical integrated circuits. Share technical advances in holography, imaging detectors, communications, high-intensity fields, and more. Turn to appendices for quick reference answers.