Embedded C

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Embedded C

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional .
Language: English
ISBN: 020179523X

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About the book [ From the Back Cover ] :

It's been suggested that there are now as many embedded systems in everyday use as there are people on planet Earth. Domestic appliances from washing machines to TVs, video recorders and mobile phones, now include at least one embedded processor. They are also vital components in a huge variety of automotive, medical, aerospace and military systems. As a result, there is strong demand for programmers with 'embedded' skills, and many desktop developers are moving into this area.

Embedded C is designed for programmers with desktop experience in C, C++ or Java who want to learn the skills required for the unique challenges of embedded systems.

The book and CD-ROM include the following key features:

The Keil hardware simulator for the popular 8051 microcontroller is on the CD-ROM so that readers can try out examples from the book - and create new ones - without requiring additional hardware.
All code is written in C, so no assembly language is required. industry-standard C compiler from Keil software is included on the CD-ROM, along with copies of code examples from the book to get you up and running very quickly.
Key techniques required in all embedded systems are covered in detail, including the control of port pins and the reading of switches.
A complete embedded operating system is presented, with full source code on the CD-ROM.

I don't have the CD of this book but i have the " Keil Hardware simulator for 8051 and it's in full version " , i will post it in few days for the 8051 microcontroller IC fans to enable you to make the most out of this book .................. Regards MAZ