Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics (Health Informatics)

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Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics (Health Informatics)

Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics (Health Informatics)
Author: by Charles P. Friedman, Jeremy C. Wyatt
ISBN: 0387258892
Publisher: Springer; 2 edition (October 20, 2005)
Format: PDF - 388 pages
Price: $69.95

From Inside the eBook
Challenges of Evaluation in Biomedical Informatics This chapter develops, in a general and informal way, the many topics that are explored in more detail in later chapters of this book. Whether we are choosing a holiday destination or a web browser, we evaluate the options and how well they fit key objectives or personal preferences. Thus, the term “evaluation” describes a range of data-collection activities designed to answer questions ranging from the casual “What does my friend think of Maui?” to the more focused “Is web browser A quicker than web browser B on my computer?” In biomedical informatics, we study the collection, processing, and communication of information related to health care, research, and education. An example of this situation occurred during the evaluation of the ACORN (Admit to CCU OR Not) chest pain decision-aid, designed to facilitate more rapid and accurate diagnosis of patients with acute ischemic heart disease in the emergency room.

Book Description
Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics, Second Edition is a heavily updated and revised volume based on editors Friedman and Wyatt's successful first edition. This book incorporates the solid foundation of evaluation theories, methods, and techniques laid out in the first edition, and builds on it to include case studies from real world situations. Designed as a guide for both the informatics novice and the seasoned professional seeking a comprehensive resource, this book explores information systems evaluation from the ground up. Critique and disscussion of actual evaluation efforts will guide the reader through real world application of the techniques described.
Just like its first edition, this volume is an unparalled reference for a broad range of health information professionals. From those in training for careers in informatics to on-site medical information systems staff, Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics, Second Edition is an invaluable guide to successful evaluation of information technology in health care.

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