Patricia D. Netzley, «Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects» (2001 Edition)

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Patricia D. Netzley, «Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects» (2001 Edition)

Patricia D. Netzley, «Encyclopedia of Movie Special Effects»
ISBN: 0816044929 | Publisher: Checkmark Books | 2001-08 | 291 Pages | PDF | Size : 35 MB

Students, film buffs, and general readers will enjoy this books brief biographies, definitions of studio jargon, descriptions of special effects techniques, and descriptive lists of effects used in specific films. Many entries include historical notes, and an appendix lists Academy Award winners and nominees for special effects from 1939 to 1998.

Amazon Review:
The Enclyclopedia of Movie Special Effects has all you'd ever what to know about filmmaking, special effects, and stuntwork. Everything from 1925's landmark "The Lost World" to 1999's "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" is included with great detail and frequent illustrations. It also includes biographies of the great film magicians like Alfred Hitchcock and Stan Winston. Each entry also includes various links to other publications for further reading, making it a great reference piece for the film geek in all of us. Plus, the index includes a listing of every makeup, special effects, and visual effects Oscar given, proving that this book is an invaluable addition to any true filmlover's collection.