If "Knowledge is Power, English is his Language"

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Need an English Phrasal Verb?
Idioms? American or British English?
What about some “slang”?
And… how is Your English Grammar?

You've got no more excuses: it's time to make yours the English Language. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right book for you.

The "englicious whatticious" pack has all you might need, and you'll surely find YOUR book. You don't need to read all the books contained. Choose yours, between guides and exercises, for every level from Elementary to Advanced...

First posted here at AvaxHome, he got 10.000 views and more than 6000 downloads (only from Rapidshare)

Getting Confused? What’s Your Book?

Which one will suits best All of your needs?

You can choose from Longman and Oxford titles, Smart Guides for Grammar and Accent, handsome written Tutorials and more.

Have a look of what the archive contains (click it, and full picture will open in a new window):

Why not try? it's f*** FREE! ;)

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