Ernst and Young Business Plan Guide

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Written for entrepreneurs who are in the planning stages of starting, expanding, or acquiring a business, this useful guide provides step-by-step procedures for preparing a business plan. You'll find out why certain information is vital to the success of your plan and how this data can be best presented. Revised and updated, The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide, Second Edition covers new regulations and includes a new chapter on further considerations that need to be addressed when developing a business plan - areas like staffing levels, additional financing for growth, and cashing out. There's also a new chapter on how to choose the right business entity (partnerships, sole proprietorships, S corporations, and C corporations) for your specific needs. You'll find new tax information, a new section on how to include buying a company in your business plan, a new section that discusses the impact of information technology on keeping your business plan up-to-date, and a new section on what to include as attachments (for instance, resumes, profit analyses, agreements) to a business plan. Like its bestselling predecessor, this Second Edition covers all of the basics involved in creating a successful business plan. You'll find out why a business plan is used for more than just raising money. This Second Edition offers a revealing discussion of how both lenders and investors really evaluate a business plan. It deals with the various legal forms that a business plan can take, a decision that affects how much money can be eventually raised, the impact the federal tax code will have on the business, and the potential financial rewards for investors. The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide, Second Edition provides a piece-by-piece dissection of a model business plan - with examples of a real plan interspersed throughout. Specific chapters focus on different portions of the business plan.