Essentials of Electronic Testing.

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Essentials of Electronic Testing.

Essentials of Electronic Testing for Digital, Memory, and Mixed-Signal VLSI Circuits

ISBN: 0792379918 | English | PDF | 712 pages |37 MB

About the book :

Today's electronic design and test engineers deal with several types of subsystems, namely, digital, memory, and mixed-signal, each requiring different test and design for testability methods. This book provides a careful selection of essential topics on all three types of circuits. The outcome of testing is product quality, which means `meeting the user's needs at a minimum cost.' The book includes test economics and techniques for determining the defect level of VLSI chips. Besides being a textbook for a course on testing, it is a complete testability guide for an engineer working on any kind of electronic device or system or a system-on-a-chip. The book consists of: Part I: Introduction, Test Process and ATE, Test Economics and Product Quality, Fault Modeling; Part II: Logic and Fault Simulation, Testability Measures, Combinatorial ATPG, Sequential ATPG, Memory Test, DSP-Based Analog Test, Model-Based Analog Test, Delay Test, IDDQ Test; Part III: DFT and Scan Design, BIST, Boundary Scan, Analog Test Bus, System Test and Core-Based Design, Future Testing; Appendices: Cyclic Redundancy Code Theory, Primitive Polynomials, Books on Testing; Bibliography: over 700 entries.