Essentials of Corporate Performance Measurement

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George T. Friedlob, Lydia L. F. Schleifer, Franklin J. Plewa, "Essentials of Corporate Performance Measurement"
Wiley Publishers | ISBN: 0-471-20375-0| 2002 Year | PDF | 1,26 Mb | 219 Pages

The primary objectives in this book are to
1. Explain the meaning of ROI and its components
2. Describe the use of ROI to analyze performance and contribute
to decision making
3. Describe various forms of ROI and how they are used to evaluate
investment activities
4. Describe ways to analyze sales revenues, costs, profits, and investment
5. Describe recent developments in ROI: return on information
technology (ROIT) and return on technology investment (ROTI);
6. Describe residual performance measures such as residual income
return on investment and economic value added (EVA)