Evidence-Based Pediatrics

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Evidence-Based Pediatrics

Evidence-Based Pediatrics
B.C. Decker | ISBN 1550090879 | October 1999 | 460 Pages

Designed for busy clinicians delivering primary health care to children, this is the first book devoted to, evidence-based pediatric diagnosis and treatment. Prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitation are all covered in depth. The emphasis is on those problems, commonly seen in practice. The authors cover evidence-based material on everything from well-child care and management of upper respiratory infections to seizures and severe asthma. In each chapter the reader will find solid evidence to support a specific clinical course of action, with references to pertinent clinical trials. A critical appraisal of the literature is featured.

Key Features:
* Includes well-baby and well-child care
* Presents common problems as well as rare, life threatening situations
* Covers prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation from birth to age 18

Univ. of Toronto, Canada. Text focuses on providing clinicians and nurses with evidence regarding the benefit/risk ratio underlying their interventions. Emphasizes the most prevalent problems seen in daily practice.