Evolvable Machines: Theory & Practice

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Evolvable Machines: Theory & Practice

Evolvable Machines: Theory & Practice
Springer | 3540229051 | 2007 | PDF | 260p | 14MB | RS | FF

"Evolutionary algorithms are one of the very promising developments in Computer Science that can solve difficult problems … . The presented book is an excellent example for the successful application of these methods to the Design of Machines … . A very interesting book, highly recommendable for scientists interested in evolvable systems, but also for all scientists who have to solve special different problems in various application areas." (Christian Posthoff, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1064, 2005)
Methods for the artificial evolution of active components, such as programs and hardware, are rapidly developing branches of adaptive computation and adaptive engineering. Evolvable Machines reports innovative and significant progress in automatic and evolutionary methodology applied to machine design. This book presents theoretical as well as practical chapters concentrating on Evolvable Robots, Evolvable Hardware Synthesis, as well as Evolvable Design.



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