Exploring Psychology course textbooks

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Exploring Psychology course textbooks

Three textbooks (one has 2 volumes) making up a Exploring Psychology course by 0pen university.

Mapping Psychology 1 | Edited by D. Miell, A. Phoenix and K. Thomas | 244 pages | 2002 | ISBN 0-7492-5355-X.
Mapping Psychology 2 | Edited by D. Miell, A. Phoenix and K. Thomas | 252 pages | 2002 | ISBN 0-7492-5356-X.
Challenging Psychological Issues | Edited by T. Cooper and I. Roth | 302 pages | 2002 | ISBN 0-7492-5357-X.
Applying Psychology | Edited by N. Brace and H. Westcott | 459 pages | 2002 | ISBN 0-7492-5358-X.

This innovative and exciting new course aims to explore some of the interesting and often controversial insights into human behaviour and experience that psychologists have made during the past century. It introduces a wide range of psychological topics, theories, concepts and methods and it demonstrates how these are typically applied in a number of contexts - both by professional psychologists and by us all in everyday life.

The course explores both the scope of psychology at the 'cutting edge' of the discipline as well tracing its historical roots. The three course books contain a carefully selected range of classic and current material with a strong emphasis on locating the theories and methods within the context of the historical development of psychology as a discipline.

The course introduces a range of sometimes 'conflicting' theoretical perspectives and approaches that psychologists have used to understand human behaviour and experience. You will learn how to work with these debates and to gain a critical appreciation of how they are applied by psychologists in practice.