The Forces of Matter by Michael Faraday

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The Forces of Matter by Michael Faraday

The Forces of Matter | Michael Faraday | 1860 | ISBN: 0879758112 | Pdf | 520 KB

From the Book Introduction:
In spite of the highly technical nature of his work in research, Faraday was remarkably gifted as an expounder of science to popular audiences; and his lectures at the Royal Institution, especially those to younger audiences, were justly famous. The following example is a classic in the department of clear and fascinating scientific exposition.

Table of Contents:
Introductory Note
Lecture I: The Force of Gravitation
Lecture II: Gravitation - Cohesion
Lecture III:Cohesion - Chemical Affinity
Lecture IV: Chemical Affinity - Heat
Lecture V: Magnetism - Electricity
Lecture VI: The Correlation of The Physical Forces

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