Fiber to the Home

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Fiber to the Home

Paul E. Green, «Fiber to the Home: The New Empowerment»
John Wiley | ISBN 0471742473 | PDF | 157 Pages | 2,40 Mb | 2006 Year

This book is about the latter of these enduring options; actually about one rapidly evolving aspect of the latter, fiber to the home. When we speak of “fiber to the home” (FTTH), we mean to include also fiber to the user’s premises (FTTP) and fiber to the business (FTTB) – any situation where the optical path in the fiber runs all the way to individual end-user premises. This might be a single residence, single multidwelling unit (MDU), or a single business establishment, and the fiber path might enter the building or terminate elsewhere on the premises. What is not included in FTTH is any situation where electronics are interposed along the path from central “head end” to user’s premises. In other words, we deal here with OOO situations, not OEO – with a form of “all optical network” (O for optical, E for electronic).