First Look at ADO.NET and System Xml v 2.0

Posted By: esi
First Look at ADO.NET and System Xml v 2.0

This book's detailed coverage includes:
* Clear explanations of Microsoft's data-access intentions and directions--so you'll be ready when .NET 2.0 arrives
* A brief overview of ObjectSpaces--the exciting new technology for using objects that represent and hold their own data
* Major improvements in bulk loading, batch execution, and paging
* Support for truly asynchronous connection and command operations
* In-process server-side cursors for programmatic data processing within stored procedures
* XML class improvements that enhance standards support, promote integration, and maximize performance
* Beyond SQLXML 3.0: leveraging XQuery and XML Views in distributed query processing
* Better support for storing XML data and integrating relational and XML data management
* "Yukon's" new XML data type: using SQL Server as an XML document store

Whether or not you're already developing with ADO.NET, this book brings together all the insights, best practices, and sample code you'll need to get a running start with ADO.NET 2.0 and the System.Xml v. 2.0


Reviewer: Scott Golightly "scott_golightly" (Orem, UT United States)
This book attempts to look at the evolving technology of ADO .NET version 2.0 that will ship with SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio .NET 2005. It does a very good job of looking at the major technologies and

the uses of each of them.

I am looking forward to the ability to use asynchronous database connections and Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS). I can already see where it would make my current applications more performant.

I am also looking forward to the ability to store XML in SQL Server 2005 and use the XPath query engine to be able to select out the parts of the XML that I need. With the XML capabilities built into ADO .NET

2.0 and SQL Server 2005 it will be much easier to work with XML data.

I have recommended this book to serveral people. I think it is a must read for consultants and others who need to stay on the leading edge of technology.