Flying Fox Applying Visual FoxPro Reporting to Any Data, in Any Environment

Posted By: arin
Flying Fox Applying Visual FoxPro Reporting to Any Data, in Any Environment

With Visual FoxPro 9.0, you can add flexible and cost-effective reporting to any database accessible through ODBC or OLE-DB. No matter what type of programmer you are, this book gives you the tools and techniques you need to use VFP 9 for reporting applications. Learn to:

. Access your data efficiently with VFP. All examples use MySQLR sample data, and the source code includes a script for re-creating this data in Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

. Build reports, with many tips and tricks to help you take full advantage of VFP's full-featured Report Designer.

. Provide opportunities for your end-users to customize reports, using the Report Designer - royalty-free. Make this process safe and convenient, with VFP 9.0's new report protection features.

. Use pre-built VFP CursorAdapter and DataEnvironment objects and a specialized VFPReports framework, the source code for this book, to deliver full reporting applications to your customers. Simply add your data sources and the reports you've designed, plus an XML configuration file.

Database developers who have never used Visual FoxPro can use this book to learn how to use VFP as a low-cost and full-featured reporting tool for their data sources. VFP developers can read this book to take a fresh look at reporting strategies that make use of features new in VFP 9, with a comprehensive strategy for using external data with reports.