Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8

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Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8

Sham Bhangal, Kristian Besley, David Powers and Eric Dolecki,
«Foundation ActionScript for Flash 8»
ISBN 1590596188 | 2006 Year | PDF in RAR | 6,89 Mb | 648 Pages

This book contains all you need to understand and make use of ActionScript, and to have some fun while learning. The Foundation series teaching style is ideal if you're a non-programmer who wants to learn Flash programming quickly and thoroughly. The authors teach the basics, and provide you an all-around proficiency in ActionScript, as well as Flash components within Flash 8. You'll gain the practical skills to build ActionScript based Flash projects, including making initial design decisions, structuring code, and testing. An ongoing case study means that by the end of the book, you'll have constructed a cutting-edge Flash site to showcase your newly learned skills.