The Four Books and The Five Classics, I-III (Chinese)

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The Four Books and The Five Classics, I-III (Chinese)

四书五经 (The Four Books and The Five Classics)
Beijing 2003 | vol. 1-3, 364 pp. | ISBN 7-900361-91-x/G | Language: Chinese | PDF | ~79 MB

The "Four Books" are the four classical works canonized in the 12th century as the curriculum of the introductory course to Confucianism. These are three works by Confucius, the Great Learning, the Doctrine of Mean, and the Analects, and one book by Mencius.

The "Five Classics" are the corpus of the main curriculum of Confucian studies, and they are also attributed to Confucius, although are either earlier or later than his activity: the Classic of Changes, Classic of Poetry, Classic of Rites, Classic of History, Spring and Autumn Annals.

This beautiful modern edition offers a choice of the most important passages of these nine classical works, interprets them in modern Chinese, and lavishly illustrates them with classical Chinese paintings and calligraphies.

The Four Books and The Five Classics, I-III (Chinese)

I have found this book on Chinese emule, and now share it with you. A similar book on the geography of China will follow.