Frances Densmore "Chippewa Customs"

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Frances Densmore "Chippewa Customs"
Minnesota Historical Society Press; Reprinted edition (June, 1979) | ISBN 0873511425 | 228 pages | PNG | 40 Mb

Frances Densmore "transformed the Chippewa customs from the habits of some strange and faraway tribe to the daily ways of real people with interesting personalities," writes Nina Marchetti Archibal in her introduction to the Borealis Book reprint of this classic work. Chippewa Customs, first published in 1929 by the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of American Ethnology, gives accurate, detailed descriptions of the tribal customs, history, legends, traditions, art, music, economy, and leisure activities of the Chippewa (Ojibway) Indians of the United States and Canada.
"Densmore... has compiled with great care a vast amount of information bearing upon daily life of the Chippewa, and... has done a valueble piece of work for posterity by collecting this material."
Minnesota History

Born in Red Wing, Minnesota, Frances Densmore (1867-1957) was one of the first ethnologists to specialixe in the study of American Indian music and culture.

It's not a pdf but just an archive of png images. It's not my scanning. I just edited scans slightly to make them lighter in weight, made a couple of corrections, and packed them.

It's one of the most famous scientific books on Native Americans.

Это просто куча сканов в папке. И сделаны они не мной :). Мной они только поправлены в плане веса и упаковки.

Но это одна из лучших научных книг об индейцах. Оно должно быть здесь!