Frank Gambale «Improvisation Made Easier: Improved Course for Intermediate to Advanced Guitarists» +

Posted By: Sauri

Improvisation Made Easier (+ 2 CD) by Frank Gambale
PDF | 105 pages | ISBN: 1-57623-610-2 | 1997

Frank Gambale's new improvisation book is a twelve-chapter course, with seven lessons per chapter, that covers the twelve most important scales and modes. Each lesson explores the chords, voicings and licks that are derived from each scale. The two enclosed CDs contain 119 recorded music examples (over 50 CD tracks), and the clearly presented text is written in standard notation and tablature.


* Mixolydian Mode
* Lydian Mode
* Dorian Mode
* Ionian Mode
* Locrian Mode
* Phrygian Mode
* Aeolian Mode
* Lydian b7 Scale
* Super Locrian Scale
* Half-Whole Diminished Scale
* Phrygian Major Scale
* Aeolian b5 Scale
* Putting It All Together

Download: The Book (8.5Mb) | CD 1 (22.7Mb) | CD 2 (18.9Mb)