Ph. D. Thomas J. Chalko, «The Freedom Of Choice»

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Ph. D. Thomas J. Chalko, «The Freedom Of Choice»

Ph. D. Thomas J. Chalko, «The Freedom Of Choice»
ISBN 0957788207 | PDF | 128 Pages | 0,25 Mb

Since its release in January 2000, e-book edition of "The Freedom of Choice" attracts ecstatic comments from readers around the world - from school kids and housewives to intellectuals and scientists. Based on positive comments arriving everyday, the paperback edition has been urgently printed in Australia to meet the emerging worldwide demand.

Since then, inspired readers arranged translating and publishing the book in many languages.

Before Dr Chalko wrote The Freedom of Choice, he explained his ideas to many people, among them scientists, psychologists, engineers, artists and healers. A typical response was as follows:

"Tom, your method of reasoning is so rational and so simple that I cannot disagree with any part of it – and yet I am absolutely astonished and taken over by your final conclusion. It is almost too good to be true – but you have just proven it to me without doubt. Your explanation is SO beautiful - you have to write it down"…

So, here it is – written down in the book – The Freedom of Choice.

The Freedom of Choice addresses "the purpose of existence" - the most fundamental question, that intrigues humanity on Earth from time immemorial. Dr Chalko explains the purpose of human existence in the widest possible context – the Purpose of the entire Universe.