Michael Mueller, "Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry"

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Вот сегодня я точно не высплюсь - вокруг дома три школы... Они уже сейчас начали разминаться (аппаратуру проверяют), а завтра как зарядят с 7 утра "Солнечный круг, небо вокруг..." - и все, прощай сладкие сны...
Но, несмотря на это, праздравляю всех с наступающим Днем Знаний: учащихся (с сочувствием) и преподавателей (с огромным сочувствием)! :))
Посему в подарок умная книжка. :)

Michael Mueller, "Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry: Molecular Spectroscopy and Modern Electronic Structure Computations"
Kluwer Academic Publishers | ISBN 0306465965 | 2002 Year | PDF | 5 Mb | 280 Pages

This text is designed as a practical introduction to quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry is applied to explain and predict molecular spectroscopy and the electronic structure of atoms and molecules. In addition, the text provides a practical guide to using molecular mechanics and electronic structure computations including ab initio, semi-empirical, and density functional methods. The use of electronic structure computations is a timely subject as its applications in both theoretical and experimental chemical research is increasingly prevalent. This text is written in a format that fosters mastery of the subject both in competency in the mathematics and in obtaining a conceptual understanding of quantum mechanics. The chemistry student's interest is maintained early on in the text where quantum mechanics is developed by applying it to molecular spectroscopy and through conceptual questions labeled as Chemical Connection. Questions throughout the text labeled as Chemical Connection and Points of Further Understanding focus on conceptual understanding and consequences of quantum mechanics. If an Instructor chooses, these questions can be used as a basis for classroom discussion encouraging cooperative learning techniques. This text provides a solid foundation from which students can readily build further knowledge of quantum chemistry in more advanced courses. In cases where this is a final course in quantum chemistry, this text provides the student not only with an appreciation of the importance of quantum mechanics to chemistry, but also with a practical guide to using electronic structure computations.