Advanced 3D Game Programming All In One

Posted By: Tego

Ken Finney's excellent book on modern game development, using the Torque Game Engine. This book is superb. Go get it: you'll save yourself countless hours of study, and become productive as quickly as possible. Covers modern game development in general, and with Torque in particular. The book thoroughly details TorqueScript, modelling with DTS shapes in Milkshape, building .DIF interiors with Quark, and editing missions, terrains, and GUIs in Torque. References on TGE functions, objects, and datablocks are provided. Incredibly useful to artists and programmers alike. The author even walks theough the development of a game using Torque, step-by-step. GarageGames' comments on this title: "A must have resource for any starting Torque developer! Over 1000 pages of information to help you over the learning curve of Torque. For beginners and experienced developers alike, it provides invaluable tutorials and reference."

PDF document, 616 pages
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