Game Art for Teens

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Les Pardew, «Game Art for Teens (Game Development Series)»
Course Technology Ptr | ISBN 1592003079 | 1 edition (March 23, 2004) | PDF | 14,8 Mb comressed -> 36 MB PDF | 304 pages



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Book Description:

Wouldn?t you love to create really great art for your games? The kind of art that keeps players coming back for more? Now you can! Game Art for Teens is full of step-by-step, hands-on projects that allow you to begin creating art right away. Each project includes easy-to-follow examples that help you master each concept, making it easy to put what you?ve learned to use in your own games. You?ll cover all of the basics?from 2D art creation and animation to 3D models, lighting, and reflections. Set the scene for your game by creating realistic settings, including buildings, terrain, rooms, and corridors. Draw players into your game by designing, developing, and animating compelling characters. Bring it all together as you cover game platforms and technical limitations. With a little bit of skill, a lot of imagination, and Game Art for Teens, the possibilities are endless!

About the Author:

Les Pardew is a video game and entertainment industry veteran with 15 years of experience. His work in the industry includes more than 100 video game titles. He currently serves as president of Alpine Studios, which he founded with Ross Wolfley in the fall of 2000. He was also the founder of Saffire, one of the industry?s preeminent game developers. In 1995, Saffire was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of America?s hottest new companies and in 1999, it was 32nd on the Utah 100 list. Les' career began in video games in 1987 doing animation for Magic Johnson Fast Break Basketball for the Commodore 64. He went on to create art for dozens of major games including Star Wars, Wrestle Mania, NCAA Basketball, Stanley Cup Hockey, Jack Nicholas Golf. He has overseen and participated in the development of many games for the biggest companies in the video game industry, some of which include:
NINTENDO OF AMERICA - Nestor?s Funky Bowling ? Virtual Boy, James Bond 007 ? Game Boy,
ELECTRONIC ARTS - Cyber Tiger Woods Golf N64,
ACCOLADE - Hardball 95 ? Genesis