General Practice - Third Edition

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General Practice - Third Edition

John Murtagh, «General Practice - Third Edition»
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing | ISBN 0074711776 | August 2003 | Format PDF & PDB | 1488 Pages | 10.86 Mb & 4.99 Mb respectively

The Practitioner's Bible
The first comprehensive textbook of general practice written for Australia, General practice, 3rd edition has retained the successful format of the previous editions. The first, published in 1994, achieved remarkable success on both the national and international scene. The second edition built on this initial success and in an extraordinary way the book became known as the 'Bible of General Practice' in Australia. In addition to being widely used by practising doctors, it has become a popular and standard textbook in several medical schools and also in the teaching institutions for alternative health practitioners, such as chiropractic, naturopathy and osteopathy.
General practice, 3rd edition takes a diagnostic approach to the patient, addresses common symptoms, presents a systematic review of the physical examination, probable causes and treatment strategies. The author has included superb illustrations and an abundance of tables. All chapters have been revised and updated, with a more attractive and user-friendly format.

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