Genetic Nature/Culture – Anthropology and Science beyond the Two-Culture Divide

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In the last decade of the twentieth century, anthropology, like many other disciplines, was deeply affected by the revolution in genetic science. Both as a set of methodological tools and as an object of study in its own right, genetics assumed an increasingly important place in anthropological research and practice, presenting new opportunities and new challenges. At the same time, public discourse around genetics intensified, touching on long-held concerns of anthropologists; yet the anthropological voice was not often heard, even when it was sorely needed.

This confluence of developments led to the idea for a conference on anthropology and the new genetics. It came to fruition as a Wenner-Gren Foundation's international symposium, "Anthropology in the Age of Genetics: Practice, Discourse, Critique," which took place in June 1999, in Teresópolis, Brazil. This volume is a product of that conference.

Alan H. Goodman, Deborah Heath, and M. Susan Lindee

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