Genki 1 Student CD - An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

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Genki 1 Student CD - An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

Genki 1 - An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese - Audio CDs
The Japan Times | ISBN 4789011623 | 1999 | 192kbs mp3 | 344 Pages | 324 MB

This are the Audiofiles for Genki 1- This 2 CD Set called Genki 1 Student CD covers the Lessions 1 - 12. One of the most used textbook in japanese Languageschools right now, very detailed in Grammatic lessions & a wide selection of usefull companionbooks makes this is a must for those who want to enter japanese classes. Great layout and explanations makes it even easy to study on your own with this helpful textbook.

Contents of Student CD I:
Greetings and Dialogues, Vocabulary, Lessons 1-12
Listening Comprehension for Workbook, Lessons 1-12

Genki is an innovative textbook field-tested for years at Kansai Gaidai and colleges in the United States and Sweden. It has been enthusiastically received by the more than four hundred students who studied with the field test editions.
Short, lively dialogues that deal with situations students can easily relate to, Carefully selected vocabulary relevant to everyday life, Abundant illustrations, Thorough, clearly-written explanations of grammar, Extensive, non-mechanical exercises, Numerous classroom activities, and Comprehensive Japanese-to-English, and English-to-Japanese Indexes. By Eri Banno, Yutaka Ohno, Yoko Sakane and Chikako Shinagawa

The Textbook for Genki and the followup Volume Genki 2 you can find in my blog & my other posts !
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Genki 1 StudentCD Part1
Genki 1 StudentCD Part2
Genki 1 StudentCD Part3
Genki 1 StudentCD Part4

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