Jerome K. Percus, "Mathematics of Genome Analysis"

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Jerome K. Percus, "Mathematics of Genome Analysis"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521585260 | 2002 Year | linked PNG-files | 7,62 Mb | 139 Pages

'... a suitable textbook for a mathematics course aimed at raising awareness of the challenges that are posed by computational biology. It is also good first reading for mathematics students and professionals who want to get an idea of the exciting mathematical problems in the analysis of biological sequences.' Ralf Bundschuh, Physics Today
'... a nice introduction to mathematical and statistical problems in genome analysis ... this text is a highly welcome and valuable enhancement of the existing literature in the field. apart from covering new grounds, the author explains some of the more recent ideas ... with great expertise. the exposition captivates by its systematic clarity, indicated profundity, necessary rigor, and masterly conciseness ... this book will rank among the most important monographs on abelian varieties and theta functions'. Zentralblatt für Mathematic
'The American Joint Policy Board for Mathematics has chosen the role of mathematics in analysing and understanding the data arising from the Human Genome Project as the theme for Mathematics Awareness Month 2002, [1]. Percus' state of the art snapshot of what is involved in unravelling this 'cunning'st pattern of excelling nature' (Othello, Act 5, Scene 2) could thus hardly be more timely.' The Mathematical Gazette