The Geometry and Physics of Knots

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The Geometry and Physics of Knots

Michael Atiyah
The Geometry and Physics of Knots (Lezioni Lincee)
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521395216 | 1990 | 88 pages | djvu | 0.5 MB

These notes arise from lectures presented in Florence under the auspices of the Accadamia dei Lincee and deal with an area that lies at the crossroads of mathematics and physics. The material presented here rests primarily on the pioneering work of Vaughan Jones and Edward Witten relating polynomial invariants of knots to a topological quantum field theory in 2+1 dimensions. Professor Atiyah here presents an introduction to Witten's ideas from the mathematical point of view. The book will be essential reading for all geometers and gauge theorists as an exposition of new and interesting ideas in a rapidly developing area.