Cynthia Clampitt, «Getting Out of Debt»

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Cynthia Clampitt, «Getting Out of Debt»
Cliffs Notes | ISBN 0764585134 | 1999 Year | linked png-files | 6,08 Mb | 120 Pages

CliffsNotes: Getting Out of Debt is the fast and easy way to learn about getting out of debt and getting personal finances on track. This book discusses ways to identify debt, how to manage income to reduce debt, how to avoid additional debt and more. Features expert advice on money management that's easy to follow.
CliffsNotes: Getting Out of Debt brings sanity back to personal finance. From school loans to car loans, credit card debt to mortgage payments, discover the best ways to manage finances and keep the checkbook in the black.

Filled with information and expert tips on managing personal debt and finding solutions to reduce it.
Gain the know-how to get of debt quickly and easily.
Features advice on planning, anticipating problems, credit card management and more!
About 70 percent of Americans own at least one credit card and 34 percent of them do not know the interest rate of the credit card they use most often. (American Demographics, May 1997)

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