Getting the Most from Online Learning

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Hardcover: 204 pages
Publisher: Pfeiffer; 1st edition (August 22, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 0787965049
file size: 1,8 MB

“Brilliant! Getting the Most from E-learning offers a unique and comprehensive opportunity to examine e-learning from the users’ perspective — proving equally valuable to anyone contemplating either the use or creation of e-learning.”
— Charlie Gardner, director, e-Learning Center, Home Depot

“This book is a driver’s manual for e-learners! Whether you’re just learning to negotiate the sharp curves of the e-learning experience or an accomplished e-traveler, this book gives you tips to stay on course throughout your e-learning journey!”
— Theresa Tommey, vice president and learning manager, Learning Strategy Group, Wachovia Corporation

“Worried about adapting to the still new world of electronic learning? This smart book enables you to understand the new technologies, such as chat rooms and discussion boards, and become a spirited self-directed learner capable and ready to leverage online technologies comfortably.”
— Jim (Mo) Moshinskie, Accenture Professor of Human Performance, Baylor University

“Practical advice and tips for e-learners in gaining the most from the e-learning experience.”
— Christine Trogdon, Wachovia Learning Strategy Design Group

Getting the Most from Online Learning is a must-have resource that helps people, become better e-learners by showing them how to prepare for, participate in, and apply e-learning in all its variations. Written by the leaders in e-learning, this book is filled with practical ideas, suggestions, and information about a wide variety of topics including how to:

Participate effectively in on-line learning experiences
Contribute to and learn from discussion groups and chat rooms
Handle e-learning peer evaluations
Participate in online group projects

In addition, the expert authors share their personal e-learning experiences and show how they have mastered the discipline of e-learning for themselves.

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