Stan Gibilisco, "Physics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide"

Posted By: Alexpal

Stan Gibilisco, "Physics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide"
McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN 0071382011 | 2002 Year | PDF | 2,47 Mb | 599 Pages

This book is much more than a catchy title or a glossy cover. I have read the real thing that can get you bogged down in detail and on the other end of the spectrum when trying to describe physics without math only get gobbledygook.

The book is well designed and has a chapter zero for those of us that need a redresser on just enough maths to make the descriptions make sense. However I found some items that they never covered in class. The math problems in class were always sanitized not to always have and answer and not allow you to ask odd questions that the instructor so not prepaid to answer. Not being a math book (they do have Demystified books on math) you get just what you need and forget the rest. In just a few pages you cover years of math but it is so much clearer than the stuff you had before. There is a good section on vectors alone that describe:
— Vectors in two dimensions
— Vectors in three dimensions
— Multiplication by scalar
— Commutativity of addition
— Commutativity of vector-scalar multiplication
— Commutativity of dot product
— Negative commutativity of cross product
— Associativity of addition
— Associativity of vector-scalar multiplication
— Dristributivity of scalar multiplication over scalar addition
— Dristributivity of scalar multiplication over vector addition
— Dristributivity of dot product over vector addition
— Dristributivity of dot cross over vector addition
— Dot product of cross products

So you can see that just about every base is covered as far as math before starting to demystify physics.

No book can cover everything but this one comes pretty close to describing all the terms and actually showing you how they work.
The book seems to be really heavily waited toward electro magnetism; probably because the author Stan Gibilisco has more books in that field. When you have finished this book you can hold up your end in a physics discussion or Relativity Theory for that matter.