Google Advertising Tools

Posted By: Plesiosaurus

Harold Davis, "Google Advertising Tools", O'Reilly | ISBN 0-596-10108-2 | 2006 Year | CHM | ~5 Mb | 366 Pages

Google Advertising Tools explains the business and technology behind making money with content and advertising on the Web, particularly with Google advertising services. Readers will find all the background information they need to understand and work with both AdSense, which automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to their site, and AdWords, which enables them to generate text ads that accompany specific search term results. With this book, you will learn how to build a site that can derive revenue from AdSense, how to drive traffic to that site, and how to improve the site's search engine placement. There's plenty of detail on generating automatic keyword, ad text, URL, and custom reports. You will also learn how to create effective contextual ads with AdWords, ways to create advertising applications with the AdWords APIs, and how to integrate AdWords data with databases, such as inventory systems.