Govind Sreenivasan - Europe And The Wars Of Religion

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Govind Sreenivasan - Europe And The Wars Of Religion

At some points in history, questions about how a nation is created or reshaped might
be considered academic. At other times however including those we are living through
now the questions acquire far more urgency.
What is the relationship between the political institution of the state and the
cultural community of the nation? How, exactly, does a stable state come to evolve?
What ideologies of order go into creating submission or obedience to the state, or
cooperation with it? What are the social foundations of political turbulence, or the
international implications of internal policies and events?

In addition, what roles are played by the various technologies, or systems,
brought into play by the rulers and the ruled, or the representatives and the
represented, including technologies of repression, resistance, law, taxation, and

Anyone who understands the answers to these and similar questions will have a
distinct advantage in interpreting the news stories about nation building that are
already unfolding on an almost daily basis, and which promise to continue in the
coming months and years.

Focusing specifically on two key centuries of European development resulting in the
formation of the modern state we are pleased to offer an intellectually probing and
absorbing course built around exactly these kinds of inquiries.

Course Lecture Titles

Ideologies of Political Obedience
The Ideology of Disobedience
Monarchy and Society in France
The Huguenots
From Early War to the Catholic League
The Catholic League and Henry IV
The Spanish Monarchy
The Revolt of the Netherlands—Beginnings
The First Revolt of the Netherlands
The Rebellion Widens
Triumph of the Dutch Republic
The Art of War and the Logistics of Victory
The Politics of the Holy Roman Empire
Bohemian Revolt and Habsburg Victory
The March of the Swedes
The Intervention of France
Stuart England
Charles I and the English Civil War
Republic to Restoration (1647-1660)
Restoration to Glorious Revolution
Royal Power in 17th-Century France
The Fronde
Princes and Peasants Sreenivasan - Europe And The Wars Of Religion.rar.html

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