GPSA Engineering Data Book

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GPSA Engineering Data Book

GPSA Engineering Data Book
Gas Processors Suppliers Association | GPSA Press | 2004 Year | 12th Edition | ISBN: B00006KFVO | English | PDF | 67.5M | RS

The GPSA Engineering Data Book was first published in 1935 as a booklet containing much advertising and little technical information. In subsequent editions, technical data expanded and the Data Book gradually became the design and operating "bible" for the gas processing and related industries. Approximately 260,000 copies of this authoritative publication have been distributed by GPSA. The book has been compiled by a joint editorial committee composed of technical specialists from both GPSA and GPA. This committee known as the GPSA Editorial Review Board continually reviews and revises the manual. Periodic revisions are issued to holders of record to keep the manual up to date with technology and industry practices.

All 12th Edition sections of the book were updated in general. The new edition has many important changes some of which are outlined below:

Complete rewrite of Section 3 (Measurement); Section 7 (Separators) and 13 (Compression) were completely redrafted; Section 15 (Prime Movers) tables were updated; Section 18 (Utilities) is a completely new section made up of steam systems, heat medium systems, instrument and plant air systems, fuel systems, water treating systems, and electrical; Section 20 (Dehydration) and Section 21 (Treating) were re-written; Section 23 (Physical Properties) Table 23-2 was re-written by NIST; and Section 24 (Thermodynamic Properties) P-H diagrams were redrawn by Virtual Materials Group to the 11 x17 size.

The Gas Processors Supplier Association (GPSA) was formed in 1928 as the Natural Gasoline Supply Men’s Association (NGSMA). Its principal purpose was a service organization to the parent Natural Gasoline Association of America (NGAA). Both organizations underwent name changes in subsequent years in response to changing industry conditions. In 1961, the organizations became known as the Natural Gas Processors Association (NGPA) and the Natural Gas Processors Suppliers Association (NGPSA). In 1974 the names changed to Gas Processors Association (GPA) and the Gas Processors Suppliers Association (GPSA). Users of the Data Book will note numerous references throughout the book may refer to publications of these organizations by the names in effect at the time of publication.

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