Graphics & Web Page Design(1996)

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Graphics & Web Page Design(1996)

Laura Lemay, Jon M. Duff, James L. Mohler, «Graphics & Web Page Design»
Sams; Bk&CD-Rom edition | ISBN 1575211254 | 1996 Year | PDF | 12.9 Mb | 363 Pages

Graphics & Web Page Design is a four-color book about creating both Web graphics and Web pages. The chapters on Web graphics are particularly useful because they offer concrete advice on how to design text, buttons, icons, inline images, transparent GIF images, animations, and more. But unlike other books, Graphics & Web Page Design shows you how to create graphics in the context of a well-designed Web page. After all, many people who are creating Web graphics are also creating Web pages. For example, the writers explain how to plan your site's design and navigation. They discuss image maps and frames in the same chapter, so you can get a good idea of different ways to organize your site. And although you learn how to create backgrounds and textures, you are warned that indiscrete use of these elements can ruin the look and readability of your Web page.
The authors, by the way, don't try to teach you HTML. They discuss a variety of tools, but most of the graphics techniques are done in Adobe Photoshop. There's also a brief discussion of Web file formats and general information on raster- and vector-based tools such as CorelDRAW and Fractal Painter. A CD includes Web page and image-map editors, conversion utilities, and much more.