Peter Connolly - Greece And Rome At War

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Вашему вниманию предлагается весьма интересное издание по военной истории Античности, включающее в себя обзор военного дела в Древней Греции, Македонии и Риме. Отзывы об издании, оглавление можно найти в аннотации к книге на Книга выложена стараниями камрадов Ким и vitowt.

Peter Connolly, "Greece And Rome At War"
Greenhill books, London | ISBN 185367303X | 1998 Year | PDF | 95 Mb | 313 Pages

Book Description
350 + color illustrations 38 maps 8 x 12 Revised edition incorporating new archeological research Breathtaking analysis of twelve centuries of warfare In this new and revised edition, Peter Connolly combines a detailed account of the arms and armies of Greece and Rome with his superb, full-color artwork. Making use of fresh archeological evidence and new material on the manufacture and use of weapons, the author presents sumptuous color illustrations recognized as the best and most accurate of their kind. Chapters cover organization, tactics, armor and weapons, fortifications, and much more. The armies of Greece, Macedon, and Rome are brought vividly to life. Chapters on the wars between the Romans and Hannibal lucidly demonstrate the face of battle in ancient times. Peter Connolly is renowned for both his scholarship of the ancient world and his skill as an illustrator. He is the author and illustrator of The Greek Armies, The Roman Army, The Roman Cavalryman, and The Ancient City.

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