Robert Greene's The Art Of Seduction

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Robert Greene's The Art Of Seduction

Penguin | ISBN 0-14-200119-8 | 2003 Year | PDF | 2.84 Mb | 496 Pages


The Art Of Seduction is a trip through history, crossing shores and lands, spanning time. You will encounter the legendary seducers from Casonova to Marilyn Monroe , study the guile of the aristrocracy, live the scandals that rocked the nobility , watch Emperors collapse to passion, observe the brat behind the coy and learn from the helplessness of contemporary society stalwarts. And all along learn the tricks and the fallacies of the game.

The book is divided into two portions - the Seducers and the Seduction. The first covers the various identies of the Seducer. The second deals with the actual game. Greene's opens each chapter with anecdotes and tales of passion and powerplay. Each leads to observations, parables are added to buttress the claim and concludes with a sound law.

Greene writes deceptively plain but with flair - in the style of a classical Shakesperean play, each paragraph playing its role. The atmosphere is immersive, you can almost hear the striking Violins punctuating each paragraph in the back of your mind. While the meat are the methods and you can plough through the book just for them, the captivating rich gravy are the timeless anecdotes of seduction and flirting throughout.

For all you aspiring PUA's out there, this is THE book recommnded by DeAngelo, Mystery! and Lance, to name a few. If you ever placed your head between your hands wondering why oh why it never works out, why you weren't born lucky, you'll learn.

Me - it's a heck of a great read. This book will leave you with a lasting impact. Next time you pass that special dame on the road, you're not going to ignore her, wistfuly wondering to yourself whose her lucky bloke. You're gonna give her a straight knowing glance, from the corner of your eye. She'll look. And she'll look away. And you're in the game. And now you know it.



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