H. M. Fried, «Green's Functions and Ordered Exponentials»

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H. M. Fried, «Green's Functions and Ordered Exponentials»
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521443903 | 2002 Year | linked png-files | 10,54 Mb | 182 Pages

This book presents a functional approach to the construction, use and approximation of Green's functions and their associated ordered exponentials. After a brief historical introduction, the author discusses new solutions to problems involving particle production in crossed laser fields and non-constant electric fields. Applications to problems in potential theory and quantum field theory are covered, along with approximations for the treatment of color fluctuations in high-energy QCD scattering, and a model for summing classes of eikonal graphs in high-energy scattering problems. The book also presents a variant of the Fradkin representation which suggests a new non-perturbative approximation scheme, and provides a qualitative measure of the error involved in each such approximation. Covering the basics as well as more advanced applications, this book is suitable for graduate students and researchers in a wide range of fields, including quantum field theory, fluid dynamics and applied mathematics.