Guide to understanding and assessing personality

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Guide to understanding and assessing personality

Guide to understanding and assessing personality
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Learn psychology for personal and career development. Measure your uniqueness and strengths . From beginner to advanced.

What you'll learn

You will be able to think critically about your own personality
You will spark inspiration by discovering your unique identity
You will gain ideas how to resolve internal conflicts through personality theories
You will be able to make smart decisions in finding the best work environment
You will apply personality assessment skills for self-understanding
You will boost creativity of the brain by learning abstract information


There are no course requirements. Just being flexible and open-minded to some theory as learning of abstract information can trigger plastic changes in your brain.


Learn more about personality, approaches and psychological assessment that will be useful in your everyday life to interact effectively with people who are around you and implement your life and career goals.

Explore the puzzle of personality

Recognize how unique you are.

Spark your inspiration by identifying your strengths and talents.

Learn why personality matters.

Boost your creativity by learning personality theories

Create a better understanding of personality assessment development

Gain a deeper insight into personality

Personality or persona? Is success in your DNA? Are "success" genes your destiny? Do people's personalities change after 30?

Personality touches upon almost every aspect of what makes people who they are. It is seen in our thoughts, emotions, close relationships and other social interactions.

"The real stars are not good actors or actresses. They’re personalities", said an american actress Jayne Mansfield.

Theories are very important in studying personality. They are used to explain and predict a wide variety of behaviors. They give us knowledge to better understand ourselves and people around us.

Overview of the course

This course contains 20 lectures and 1,5 hours of video with two assignments and a quiz putting your new knowledge into practice. I designed it to be easily understood by absolute beginners who want to grow the number of neural connections in their brain.

The course will take you through development of personality based on scientific research.

You will learn personality theories which will give you ideas about your own personality and conflicts struggling in your mind.

You will be able to identify your strenghts and weaknesses with the knowledge of personality assessment instruments. As well as you will have an idea why it is important to explore and measure your personality if you want to succeed professionally.

You will walk away from the course with gaining a deeper insight into personality and its driving forces.

Who this course is for:

If you have emotional problems and want to sort yourself out
if you feel stuck in the workplace and need to recharge yourself
if you are a technician and want to feel a humanitarian for paradigm shift
if you need to rewire your brain and spark creativity by gaining new abstract ideas
If your mission is to help people and personality assessment would be a good career choice for you
if you haven't chosen the career path yet
If you have interest in psychology

Guide to understanding and assessing personality