Guide to Computer Animation

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Guide to Computer Animation

Guide to Computer Animation - Focal Press Visual Effects and Animation
Publisher: Focal Press | ISBN: 0240516710 | PDF | 11,08 Mb | 272 Pages

'This well-written, easy-to-follow guide balances the heart of animation development with the key technical conventions. Visually stunning, it cleverly demonstrates tools and techniques across several digital platforms through the unique perspectives of successful animators. First I recommend challenging yourself with the self-test in Chapter 8, and then read the book from cover to cover. You'll have a blast'
Anne M. White, Principal & Managing Director, TAG Chairperson, BDA/Board of Directors, PROMAX, Los Angeles, CA, USA

'This book is a must for all aspiring animators and for all media production students. I thoroughly recommend it.'
Andrew Daffy, Co-Head 3D Commercials, FrameStore CFC, UK

'A visual treat… What a great resource for people new to the world of computer animation.'
Mike Kroes at