C.MacAuley, "The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices"

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C.MacAuley, "The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices"

C.MacAuley, "The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices"
Visibooks | 2006 Year | PDF | 9 Mb | 134 Pages

The Visibooks Guide to Palm Devices helps beginners learn to use PDAs and other devices that run the Palm operating system.

Getting Started
Open the Home screen
Create a Memo
Write with Graffiti
Edit memos
Delete Memos

Palm Basics
Set the date and time
Categorize memos

Getting Organized
Organize contacts
Manage your schedule
Track your to-do list
Find records

Share Data With A PC
HotSync with a PC
Install a new program

Advanced Palm Skills
Beam data to other Palm devices
Secure a Palm device

Manage Your Palm Device
Manage memory
Delete Records

Бонус | Bonus

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