Hacking The Art of Exploitation - NoStarch

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Hacking The Art of Exploitation - NoStarch|Jon Erickson |A No Starch Press publication |ebook|chm|241 pages|ISBN:1593270070

A comprehensive introduction to the techniques of exploitation and creative problem-solving methods commonly referred to as "hacking," Hacking: The Art of Exploitation is for both technical and non-technical people who are interested in computer security. It shows how hackers exploit programs and write exploits, instead of just how to run other people's exploits. Unlike many so-called hacking books, this book explains the technical aspects of hacking, including stack based overflows, heap based overflows, string exploits, return-into-libc, shellcode, and cryptographic attacks on 802.11b. If you're serious about hacking, this book is for you.
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