The AMA Handbook of Project Management

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The AMA Handbook of Project Management
by Paul C. Dinsmore

The AMA Handbook of Project Management

The definitive source for project management techniques for both traditional and emerging industries.

Project management has exploded and splintered into a dozen different arenas since it was first developed for NASA space projects. And project management has become more specialized as its principles have been applied to more fields of work. Paul Dinsmore has created the first all-encompassing work on the subject, with contributions from over 30 experts.

The book presents the critical concepts common to all projects, as well as in-depth solutions for specific areas, such as change management, research and development, and international projects. Readers will learn how to:

• establish goals and formulate strategies
• implement planning on both the strategic and operational levels
• design dependable, but flexible organizational structures
• generate and maintain teamwork
• manage the project life cycle and meet objectives
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